Information (Updated January 2009)

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Information (Updated January 2009)

Unread post by Lef » Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:10 am

Guild Master : Traveler

Raid Leader : Smore - Arakthor

Guild Officer: Graghlan
Guild Officer: Msdrood
Guild Officer: Kaideliara
Guild Officer: Hellbert
Guild Officer: Reen

Casual / Retired Officers
Casual : Lef (Work Break)
Casual: iFoxl
Retired: Styyn
Retired: Lostmage
Retired: Coldwind
Retired: Balkis
Retired: Morraine
Retired: Pa
Casual: Taken

Raid Times - All times are CST (server time).

Form up 30 minutes before the raid
Tuesday: 7pm to 12am
Thursday: 7pm to 12am
Saturday: 6 to 12am
Monday: 7 to 12am

Currently, we raid Naxxaramas (25man) - The Eye of Eternity - The Obsidian Sanctum

Our typical raid has a very dynamic end time. Some nights we end around 10pm, others we may push on towards 12am. We typically do not end earlier than 10pm nor do we raid past 12am. The exception is Saturday nights on which we often raid until 12am and sometimes later than that. Raid end times are determined each raid depending on where we're at, how well we're doing, and what we have left to do with the remaining raid days during the week.

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