Any newb/casual/hardcore longboarders?

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Any newb/casual/hardcore longboarders?

Unread post by Tiffanee » Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:55 pm

I've been looking around the market for a new board lately and have been looking into the boards that Loaded makes.
Anyone with knowledge of decent boards out there for doing tricks, please do make some suggestions. Also comment on these 2 boards I've been really considering.

The Loaded Dancer ... ded-dancer

No one I know has this board yet, and was wondering if anyone personally has experience with it.
I've been looking around for a new one for doing tricks and other stuff and this one looks like a great board for that purpose. Looks.
The 55" length is nice and a vast difference off my Sector 9 Uluwatu's 46".
Another huge difference between these two boards are the nose and tail curves.
From what I've read and can be seen from the clip, its a beastly board and has potential.

The Loaded Dervish ... Specs.html

This is the other board I've been considering. Its a few inches shorter and thinner than my Uluwatu.
It has a thin nose and tail area which allows it to easily spin while reducing chances of wheelbites.
Because its smaller than both the Dancer and Uluwatu, it should be easier to do flipping tricks and such with.
Its also much cheaper than the Dancer and many people have used it and had decent reviews.

And for those of you who don't know about my board:
Its a Sector 9 Uluwatu Pintail. Largest of the bamboo series they make. (Choose View by Series -> Bamboo Series -> Farthest right)
Its a nice, decently large and sturdy yet flexible at the same time kind of board with a cool W concave that can really step down and pick up speed for cruising.
However, its not an ideal board for doing tricks with the stock setup. I have a couple of risers and bushings to fiddle around with from friends, but I like it for just cruising.

Feedback would be nice. Ready set go!

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