A 'happening' at work

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A 'happening' at work

Unread post by tyen » Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:13 pm

Ok - this is a sort of vent thread... I'll keep it brief:
The company I work for sells franchises that sell Window Coverings.
Ok... so a franchise completes an order. Get customer to sign, etc. (these things are custom made and take a while to make so delivery is weeks later)
Anyway - the franchise also by law has to sit on the order for three days (in most states/provinces.. in fact 10 in canada I think)... before they send the order to be made (gives the customer time to cancel if they have buyer's remorse, etc.)

Now she's calling corporate wanting to know what the hell is wrong with our tally system and order processing system because the numbers submitted do not match the print out she gave to the customer.

Now most of our franchisees are pretty meticulous with their business... we hear about discrepancies quickly. Suffice to say our system for processing orders is pretty darn accurate and consistent.

The only way to produce what is happening in this situation is:
Between the time she printed the contract for the customer and submitted it to corporate, she must have changed the numbers all around... Changed discounting. Changed adjustments. No other explanation... I think she messed something up while looking at it then started figgiting with the numbers to get it to match the contract with the customer again...
She played with the numbers such that the installation costs for this particular order are negative. You can charge nothing for installation and eat the charge... but negative? No - you put a discount on an order. It's weird.
Now of course she's asking for credits from corporate.

It's this kind of stuff that just amazes me every day.

Head asplode.

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