5 Cloned Boogers

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5 Cloned Boogers

Unread post by tyen » Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:45 pm


This story cracks me up mainly because the dogs name is Booger and you get say that 'the lady has 5 cloned Boogers now' but aside from that:
"It's a miracle!" McKinney repeatedly shouted Tuesday when she saw the cloned Boogers at a Seoul National University laboratory.

"Yes, I know you! You know me, too!" McKinney said joyfully, hugging the puppies, which were sleeping with one of their two surrogate mothers, both Korean mixed breed dogs.
I think it's great she's happy... but wow - she really thinks these puppies know her? :)
A clone is more like a twin... they're different dogs than her dead Booger (*chuckle*)
I am also a little amazed at how someone can be so emotionally attached to a dog that they'd be willing to do this. The story says the dog saved her life... but it's still just a dog :shock:

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