ok i did some research here animated .gif from a vid

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ok i did some research here animated .gif from a vid

Unread post by Grappler » Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:02 pm

OK I did a bit of research.

Most of the tutorials and the good quality stuff seems to be, you convert the frames from the video to individual images, resize the images, then stitch them together into a GIF program like DeFREEZe.

I decided to see if I could do it all with VirtualDub, rather than this tedious multi-program converting bollocks. Anyway here's the tutorial:

1) Download VirtualDub

2) Load VirtualDub and open up your movie file (File > Open video file... , or you can drag a video onto the program)

3) Now you should delete parts of the movie you don't want to convert to animated GIF.

Move the slider on the timeline to a certain point, and you can then click on either of the last 2 buttons on the toolbar on the bottom to set the start/end of your selection. You selection will show up shaded in the timeline. Hit Delete to remove your selection of frames.

Alternatively you can hit Home to set the start of a Selection and End to set the end. Also these commands are available in the Edit menu. Play around until you get comfortable with selecting and deleting portions of a video.

4) Now the timeline should be just the portion of the original video you want to make a GIF out of

5) We don't want a gigantic GIF, so go Video > Filters... from the menu. Click Add.., choose Resize from the list, hit OK. The defaults are good. Just set your new size; either the specific dimensions or a percentage. The aspect ratio should auto-calculate the dimensions as you enter them to keep the GIF from ending up warped. Hit the Show Preview button to check your settings. The larger the dimensions, the bigger the GIF on the eyes and longer to download, and the more likely forum users are going to tell you to kill yourself. Click OK when you're happy with it.

6) Hit OK to exit the Filter dialog

7) Now, the framerate. VirtualDub seemed to convert my 29.97fps video to a 10fps GIF, while keeping the same amount of frames. This resulted in a smooth, slow motion video. To make the GIF play back at a realistic speed, I had to convert to 10FPS.

Do this by going Video > Framerate from the menu. Leave the "Source rate adjustment" panel alone and look at the "Frame rate conversion" panel. Here, I selected "Convert to fps:" and entered 10.

I'm not sure if this is consistent; but you can always change this and re-save the GIF.

8) Now to save our GIF! File > Export > Animated GIF..

9) Click the ellipsis button ("...") to choose where to save your file. Choose your loop options. Hit OK.

10) VirtualDub should export it very very fast. Find and look at your GIF. If you're not happy with it, things like framerate, tweak your settings, and save a new version, until you're happy. You could even play with some extra filters to see what youc an do.

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