Server Transfer Applicants

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Server Transfer Applicants

Unread post by traveler » Sat Nov 04, 2006 4:10 am

Hi there. If you are considering transferring from another server and wish to apply for Righteous Dawn please do. We welcome any applications (assuming the character is 60 and the player isn't 8 years old). In order to potentially save time, I want to put some information up front that will hopefully prove useful.

If you are transferring from another server:

1. You likely will be asked by either an officer or a class leader some information about your guild on your old server. It's a background check persay and done for security reasons, we don't want to bring in an exiled ninja-looter unknowingly. To save some time, it may be best to just add anything you think is relevent into your application.

2. Understand that just as we would be taking an investment in you, you are taking an investment in us by paying to move your character over. The only gaurentee I offer 100% of the time is that you will be allowed to join RD. I can't always gaurentee anything in terms of raiding (see disclaimer) but in the event you are promised something we will follow through with it, no worries.

3. Cross server applicants will be subject to a larger amount of scrutiny than someone from Azgalor. While it's certainly sometimes feasible to recruit people from our own server that may not have huge gear or a wide range of experience, it's not quite as such with cross server applicants. We pretty well expect exceptional players with exceptional gear, experience and dedication if you are coming from another server. The reason for this is the investment is on a larger scale both for you and us. You are entering into a community you don't know and potentially may not like and you are paying money for it. Subsequently we are risking the fact that you may not like us or the Azgalor community as well as other assorted risks of multiple varieties.

Now that I've completely made you nervous as shit, I want to reitterate that we are mostly laid back guys/girls and easy to get along with. I think I make a good example of the idea that exemplifies people in RD in that I reach the extreme end of frustration with the game but I'm the easiest person to get along with that you'll ever meet.

All of us in RD encourage you to apply and hope that any of you that do make your way into our ranks you enjoy Azgalor and Righteous Dawn.