Neodrake - 80 Paladin - Semi-Hardcore

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Neodrake - 80 Paladin - Semi-Hardcore

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1. Neodrake, 80 Paladin

2. Armory: ... n=Neodrake. Mostly done with Heroics, although I still need a better weapon and a ring.

3. Current Talent Build:

4. Unfortunately, I have no WWS available at this time... ):

5. Azgalor Mafia, Azgalor Mafia (Raid), Anima Exodus. I am leaving due to inactivity from the raid members.

6. I started playing in BC, but I have done ZG, AQ20 and Onyxia

7. Image
I also have DBM, although you can't see it.

8. I like to raid as much as possible, and my times are pretty flexible, as long as I know the date and time beforehand. I like to take footage of raids etc. and post them on youtube. I have experience with every boss in Nax besides Gluth, Thaddius, and Sapphiron. My internet connection is very stable, the only time I (may) disconnect is if I'm in a group with a large amount of AoE against a large group of mobs. Or if I'm in Dalaran (can't blame me for that :P). I do read guild forums, and contribute.

9. Tuesday: 7pm to 10pm
Thursday: 7pm to 12pm
Saturday: on and off during the day to 1am
Monday: 7pm to 10pm
but again, my times are very flexible.

10. AIM:FalconPaunch1337 (I'm rarely on however :\)

11. RD seems like one of the only guilds on Azgalor with active members and regular raids.

12. Image
sums up my love for Video Games, and lolcats in one epic pic.

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