Kressler 80 Protection Paladin Semi-Hardcore

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Kressler 80 Protection Paladin Semi-Hardcore

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1. Kressler, level 80 Prot Pally

2. My armory link is ... n=Kressler

3. This is the link to the tanking build I have been toying around with lately. I'd be glad to explain why I chose the talents I did, and the spec was made with a focus on heroics, which I am currently running daily.

4. I do not have any WoW Webstats.

5. The only two guilds of mention I have been a part of since I came to Azgalor about a month ago have been Logic and La Cosa Nostra. Both guilds were very immature, and are not going anywhere in terms of progression. On Lightning's Blade I was a part of a Horde guild I was very proud of called The First Responders, a guild comprised mainly of first response professions such as EMT's, Police, Firefighters, and active military. I've been searching for that kind of mature, but fun atmosphere since rerolling here on Azgalor.

6. I have only been able to run heroics having reached 80 only several days ago. My raid experience in BC was much higher on my Horde server.

7. My UI ... wowui3.jpg

8. I'm a 20 year old full time college student at Penn State University. Currently I'm unemployed and enjoying the whole lazy college kid thing. I've been spending my time playing Kressler, who I created about 3 weeks ago, and plan to gear him as quickly as I can to see new content when it arrives. I like sociable people, as I consider myself to be one, and am all for having a good time. I pay attention in raids, and give it my all every time.

8. I have not had a problem with my internet connection since Blizzard fixed the disconnection issue for Comcast users 2 weekends ago. In a raid I will always be willing to speak up if it will benefit the raid as a whole, but for the most part I would be focused on what I have to do.

8.2 I always read guild forums, and stay very informed on guild progression. Also I like to get to know my new guildmates, as most of my previous guildies became long time friends of mine.

9. I will be free for all times listed below until after the second week of January when I resume my college semester. I will work out my schedule shortly before that and make an officer aware of my availability.
All times are server (CST)
Tuesday: 7pm to 12am
Thursday: 7pm to 12am
Saturday: 6 to 12am
Monday: 7 to 12am

10. I don't have any of the messenger services on this computer at the moment, but for contact reasons outside of the game feel free to send an email to

11. I came here to play with experienced players, and I strive to find a raid where I am the worst person. I really believe that if you feel you are the worst person in the raid, and you know what you are doing the raid cannot fail. Wrath seems easier than BC did with current progression, and I would love to be with a guild that is not having problems with silly Bosses, most of whom (strategy wise) have already been defeated in previous content.

12. ... atypus.jpg
For my application I've chosen the platypus. It is the most ridiculous animal on the planet. Half Duck, half beaver...Half otter. This creature of legend is not only extremely reclusive, but also extremely dangerous due to its poisonous claws. Isn't he cute!

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