Swiggs - 80 Shaman - Semi Hardcore

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Swiggs - 80 Shaman - Semi Hardcore

Unread post by swiggs » Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:59 pm

1. Give us your character name, level and class. Swiggs, 80 Elemental Shaman

2. Post the link to your gear (WoW Armory) If you are logged out in non-PvE gear, give us a time that we can view the armory and see your PvE gear.
http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... r&n=Swiggs

3. Fill out the spec (or multiple specs if necessary) that you would use in your primary raiding build at http://www.wowhead.com/?talent .

4. If available, please attach some WWS records (or any similar log parses you may have) of some recent raids. Feel free to submit bad ones and identify what you did wrong and why they weren't as stellar as other ones you've submitted.
Sorry, unavailable. Have yet to do a raid that uses WWS.

5. List your past guild(s) and reason why you are leaving your current (or most recent) guild.
Raided as a Holy Paladin with Social Butteflies up until the end of the summer of 07, transferred and raided with Apocalypse of Skullcrusher up until Xmas 07 when the guild broke up, then transferred back to Azgalor and raided with SB for around a month or two before I gave that account away around June. The guild I’m now is just a jerk-off guild with a few RL friends.

6. What raiding experience post-BC do you have?
Clear 10/25 OS, 10/25 VoA and Spider/Military/3 other bosses in Naxx so far.

7. Post a screenshot of your current UI.
http://img67.imageshack.us/my.php?image ... 050xx0.jpg Omen would be in the same general area Recount is in

8. Give us a little information about yourself. This can be anything including (but not limited to) age, likes/dislikes, previous / current games played, computer spec, STD(s), how you got said STD(s), etc.
Names Andy, I’m 19, live in northern Minnesota, attended UND last year , and will be going back to college this upcoming spring semester. I occasionally play Dota(kinda bad) and other WC3 games. I enjoy Dexter and Entourage and midnight shows at the movie theater. Words to describe me in RL have been asshole, jerk and sarcastic douche bag, but in WoW and Vent I’m actually quite quiet.

8.1 Do you have a stable internet connection, good computer, and headset? Are you willing to speak on ventrilo when necessary during raids?
Yes to all.

8.2 Do you read Guild Forums (Raid Section, Off Topic...)? Do you create or reply to active topics about the new encounters during raid progression ?
I’m a pretty serious forum lurker, and occasionally post if I feel the need too.

9. Please tell us your exact availability for the following times. Also, tell us about any limitations you may have in the future. For example, might you have work-related leave at some point, a long vacation without internet access, two weeks of non-stop exams, a bad internet connection at peak hours on Friday, etc.

]All times are server (CST)
Tuesday: 7pm to 12am
Thursday: 7pm to 12am
Saturday: 6 to 12am
Monday: 7 to 12am

As of right now I work part-time shift hours, so week to week my schedule would differ(reason for the semi-hardcore). Will try my best to get raid times off if accepted/necessary.

10. Please include some contact information. Ideally an AIM, MSN or Xfire screen name.
Kender359@hotmail.com is the best way to reach me, as I check it quite frequently. Or in WoW.

11. Why do you want to join RD?
I would like to experience endgame content with people who know what they’re doing and have fun while doing so, and I think RD would be a great guild for that considering the guild itself has been around longer then I've played, meaning to me RD must be doing something right :)

12. Find a picture of an animal and post it, then tell us why you chose this animal or picture. The more clever, the better.
Image I, to my eternal sadness, walk like a duck, but with only two feet =/

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Re: Swiggs - 80 Shaman - Semi Hardcore

Unread post by deecon » Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:49 am

whats ur spell rotation and who was your paladin when you raided?

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Re: Swiggs - 80 Shaman - Semi Hardcore

Unread post by swiggs » Mon Dec 15, 2008 2:57 am

paladin was eerfenots pre-transfer and Jive when i returned to azgalor

flame shock - lava burst - chain lightning -lightning bolt - lb - cl - lb - lvb refresh fs when needed, drop CL when Heroism is up or when mana is low, but with the upcoming ele changes I'll prolly drop CL altogether on single target fights.

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