Breach - 70 Rogue - Casual - PVP

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Breach - 70 Rogue - Casual - PVP

Unread post by Guntherr » Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:44 pm

Breach - lvl 70 - Rogue

Current Guild - Shadow of Death (horde side on Azgalor) Still an officer in the guild and no plans of leaving. ... r&n=Breach

My characters horde side are
Guntherr - 70 Orc Hunter
Ghrendal - 70 Tauren Shaman

Hunters ui its about a year old but hasn't really changed and my rogues UI is exactly the same layout.

Raid exp - Everything post tbc up to kalecgos

As for raid times I dont plan on raiding on my alliance character just mainly pvp.

Im 26 and live in missouri - In my last year of school. I play some CS and tf2 from time to time but mainly wow.

Aim - Irubyoudown909

Really just looking for a place to hang out while Im on my ally character - Tired of not having people on to talk to.

Hopefully he got eaten in front of a gradeschool field trip. ... irdaj2.jpg

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