Haylen - 70 Rogue - Semi-Hardcore

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Haylen - 70 Rogue - Semi-Hardcore

Unread post by Haylen » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:42 pm

1. Haylen 70 human rogue.

2. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... r&n=Haylen

3. I didn’t find a URL or Code to copy in order to show my raid spec on this app from WoWhead, I know blizzards site has one, but I’d like to save you the trip from site to site, so if you sneak a peak at my current spec while checking out my armory, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Found it: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=f0ebovZMIVb0VzxMGkt

4. My previous guilds that raided higher end did not keep record of raids, nor did I. I can honestly say by the end of T5 content I was top notch and my former raid leader on Ursin was proud of me. I topped dps in raids and soon surpassed my fellow rogue mentor.

5. I transferred to Azgalor in late July from Ursin. Since then I’ve been in BoP for a week with a couple people I met when I transferred. I raided with my rogue for them for that week I first arrived and left due to lack of raiding. I went to SnM for a couple weeks, did T6 content with them, and then the officers started kicking people, and stopped when they where the only people left. From there I joined Genesis. Great raiders for the most part, terrible people. I had the displeasure of speaking with Darkthought who’d been in BoP, or if not, ‘in’, was a frequent PuG with BoP. He was an ass then and an ass when he joined Genesis. This may explain why he’s no longer with Genesis as well, but that’s off topic. I left Genesis when he bashed my brother for retarded reasons with no basis. As of late my main, Haylen is sitting in a Kara guild with a couple of my alts. Minions of Mars.

6. I’ve raided everything minus SWP and Illidan. Although I’ve read up and watch videos on everything, I’ve yet to see those two encounters face to face.

7. UI: http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn15 ... 111627.jpg
I turned that HUD on, and NOW I CANT FIND ITS DAMN CONTROLS x_X If you have some advice on this, for the love of god send me a tell or leave a post.

8. hmmmmmmmm. I was a battle field kinda guy when I started up with PC games. I started with a black and white gameboy, then to a SNES, and N64. Pretty soon being limited to the same game play killed my brain cells and I stopped gaming until sophomore year of HS. I got back with a couple friends from my earlier years of school who got me into LAN gaming with them, and eventually hooked on this addicting game called WoW. I’ve not spent a moment of free time elsewhere ever since. Working and school only makes it more fun to sit around and punch keys in my off time. I’ll occasionally venture out of my room, maybe to grab some chips and tea, but other than that I just chill out around my house. My brother plays this game now too, so unless he quits I may be here forever.

8.1 Stable internet may change when I move. Computer’s great, but anything’s great for WoW… Headset and Mic are both working well still, and I have a wonderful voice. Speaking in raids is up to you, if you want me to, I’d love to, other than that I’d rather keep my mouth shut =].

8.2 Negative. I am not a forum person yet. After doing enough applications I’ve gotten key points down, but I’m not a very ‘social’ person. Now if something is suggested to me, I will almost never turn it down, but I don’t go looking around on my own.

9. I’m available at all these times, being west coast makes raiding on these servers easy as I don’t have to stay up late. Weekends may change from week to week as work schedules vary. One thing that may or may not be an issue is I still have dinner with my family. We don’t see each other all day and only eat together once, so around 7:30-9:00 depending on the day I’ll need to take a 15 min break to eat.

10. To be blunt, I have an AIM account and everything, but I really would only use it to talk to you guys. I call people when I need them, but I’m always online, so I respond fast to game and forum responses.

11. Why do you want to join RD?
WotLK. I don’t expect to be carried through anything. I’m interested in joining a guild devoted and focused on playing. Most guilds are a hit or miss event, raids are an.. “if people show up” sort of deal. I’d love to be in a guild who keeps to a date and time and enjoys killing online dragons almost as much as I do if not more. I also enjoy many of the people I’ve known in RD since starting out on Azgalor. When I first applied to VoA upon arrival, due to the lack of recruitment needed, they first pointed me in Righteous Dawns direction, but at that point you’d all been far through my needed content and also not in need of yet another rogue. I may or may not be leveling my rogue as a first choice in wrath depending on some talents and whether or not warriors will get a fury buff and if my paladin can get some better items before release, this is still my greatest indecision. I do know I will level my rogue to 80, but it may or may not be my main. I’d also love to play a character that RD can use and will need. This will depend on future events, so as of now, my rogue will be yours to command if needed. Point my sword! (and I will start slicing in that direction) My 'Semi-Hardcore' should change to hard core once I'm settled in my new house, that'll be a month or two from now.

12. A sea turtle. The best I can describe myself closely relates to that of a sea turtle which is also my favorite animal. I’m hard on the outside and soft on the inside, and I’m the last thing that’d ever bite back even after being provoked. Liked or not, I swim around and find things to do.

Thank you for reading over my application. See you all in game.
Sorry for extra where not needed, I tend to ramble.

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