Skeggi - 70 Priest - Semi-Casual - PVP

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Skeggi - 70 Priest - Semi-Casual - PVP

Unread post by Skeggi » Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:05 pm

1. Skeggi - Priest (70)
Spin - Shaman (70)

2. Skeggi (In PVP gear, frozen shadoweave PVE) ... r&n=skeggi
Spin (No PVE gear, don't play much) ... lor&n=Spin

3. PVP
PVE (Haven't raided much, but I guess this is what I would use)

4. N/A

5. FEAR - Broke up after BC
Fearless - RL friend left
Risca's Guilds - He quit along with others
DONT CC ME PLZZ - Losing it's appeal


7. ImageImage

8. I am 20, technically a junior in college, looking to go into information systems technology in the spring. Played counterstrike in leagues years ago, TF2, Company of Heroes etc. My computer was awesome when I built it 2 years ago, and now it's kinda meh.

8.1 Stable internets, computer is plenty to play wow, and who isn't willing to talk in ventrilo? O_o

8.2 Haven't really been on the raid bandwagon. I have been interested in it kept up with some progression, and read and watched strats for BT/Sunwell.

9. Umm, not really any set times, working at a restaurant currently has an inconsistent schedule. Usually on after about 8pm CST.

10. Soccerginx (AIM)

11. Seen and heard of RD forever, had a few friends in it at times, was always interested in seeing more end game content.

11. Duelist from last season, S3 weapon (meh)

12. Who doesn't like sleeping dogs?


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