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PvP Applicant Information

Unread post by traveler » Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:31 am

While our application is predominantly PvE questions, we do accept PvP applications and encourage people wishing to PvP with RD to apply. Many of us have been successful on the PvP scene for some time and we're always welcome to the idea of having more talented PvP players to run with.

If you wish to apply as a PvP'er, please follow these additional steps when filling out your application:

:idea: When you title your post, add "PvP" after your raiding category. Please note: Your raiding category denotes your raiding desire, not PvP desire. Do not put Hardcore because you're a hardcore PvP'er, or else we'll think you want to raid full time (subsequently, if you do want to raid full time as well as PvP, put Hardcore). An example might be:

Traveler - Priest (70) - Casual - PvP :arrow: This means I can only raid casually, but wish to PvP.

:idea: After answering all of the questions, add a section between numbers 11 and 12, numbered 11 (PvP) and bold it. In this section, tell us any information that you deem important for us to know about your PvP credentials. It can include, but is not limited to, how often you can PvP, Arena achievements, what your gear looks like (feel free to link your armory if applicable), arena compositions you enjoy running, explanation of current arena ratings, etc. An example might be:

11. <randomly generated answer>
11 (PvP). I PvP all day, every day, and was a Merciless and Vengeful Gladiator.
12. <insert animal picture>

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