Application Form (Revised)

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Application Form (Revised)

Unread post by Lef » Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:51 am

Make sure you have read the other posts concerning recruitment before you fill out this application.

The subject of your post should use the following criteria:
Name - Level and Class - Raiding Category (see below)

Your raiding category denotes your interest and availability to different degrees of raiding. You are either Casual, Semi-Casual, Semi-Hardcore, or Hardcore.

Casual - You have little interest in raiding and mostly want to join the guild so you have a home and people to talk to.

Semi-Casual - You enjoy raiding and would like to raid when an opportunity arises. However, you are not able to attend at least half (2 of 4) raids per week.

Semi-Hardcore - You want to raid as much as possible once a position opens. However, there will be weeks fairly consistantly that you are only able to attend 3 of the 4 raids.

Hardcore - You play way too much WoW and can raid anytime, anywhere, for however long until you're eyeballs are bleeding and you're collapsing from sleep deprivation. You would rarely, if ever, miss a raid any day, any week.

Post the following information:

1. Give us your character name, level and class.

2. Post the link to your gear (WoW Armory) If you are logged out in non-PvE gear, give us a time that we can view the armory and see your PvE gear.

3. Fill out the spec (or multiple specs if necessary) that you would use in your primary raiding build at .

4. If available, please attach some WWS records (or any similar log parses you may have) of some recent raids. Feel free to submit bad ones and identify what you did wrong and why they weren't as stellar as other ones you've submitted.

5. List your past guild(s) and reason why you are leaving your current (or most recent) guild.

6. What raiding experience post-BC do you have?

7. Post a screenshot of your current UI.

8. Give us a little information about yourself. This can be anything including (but not limited to) age, likes/dislikes, previous / current games played, computer spec, STD(s), how you got said STD(s), etc.

8.1 Do you have a stable internet connection, good computer, and headset? Are you willing to speak on ventrilo when necessary during raids?

8.2 Do you read Guild Forums (Raid Section, Off Topic...)? Do you create or reply to active topics about the new encounters during raid progression ?

9. Please tell us your exact availability for the following times. Also, tell us about any limitations you may have in the future. For example, might you have work-related leave at some point, a long vacation without internet access, two weeks of non-stop exams, a bad internet connection at peak hours on Friday, etc.

All times are server (CST)
Tuesday: 7pm to 12am
Thursday: 7pm to 12am
Saturday: 6 to 12am
Monday: 7 to 12am

10. Please include some contact information. Ideally an AIM, MSN or Xfire screen name.

11. Why do you want to join RD?

12. Find a picture of an animal and post it, then tell us why you chose this animal or picture. The more clever, the better.

We always review every application that is posted on our forums so there is no need to contact us in game asking if we've seen it. If we decide there are potential opportunities for you in RD, we'll contact you. If we do not post on your application or talk to you, it means we currently are not able to bring you in.

Good luck!

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