Shadoss- 70 Paladin- Semi- Hardcore

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Shadoss- 70 Paladin- Semi- Hardcore

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e1. Shadoss- 70 Dwarf Holy Paladin

2. ... &n=Shadoss

3. I strategically placed most of my talent points into holy specialization because of the great need for healers. I felt that this realm had enough tanks and it seemed that most people were looking for healers. I placed my points to give me the greatest essentials for paladin healing.

4. Lasers and Gypsies, my friend was screwing around and /gquit while i was on vacation. Therefore they didnt not accept me back because of my long absense. That was my main guild and I do not remember others because it was a long time ago. :(

5. I am keyed for all heroics, kara. I have done TK, Ssc, Kara, and ZA.

6. <a href=" ... 140756.jpg" target="_blank"><img src=" ... 140756.jpg" border="0" alt="Shadoss"></a>

7. I live in California, I am 16, I am on the Mater Dei Surf Team, Swim Team, and I did XC freshman year(it sucks... dont do it)..... and I love to masturbate! (you know you do too) ;)

8. I can make on any day but only from 6-10pm server time. So i hope to see you out there!

9. I would like to join RD because I absolutely love raiding and you all seem like really cool and nice people! :D

10. This should be clever enough (its a link because it has a story behind it, i thought it was very interesting) ... mans-damn/

You are looking for a paladin right? Well you have found one! I am able to respec to anything you need!

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