Read this before you apply to Righteous Dawn <Revised>

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Read this before you apply to Righteous Dawn <Revised>

Unread post by traveler » Tue Jun 03, 2008 5:06 pm

There is some very useful information in this post, much of which if neglected could result in your application automatically being disqualified. I highly suggest you read this post in its entirety and absorb any application advice presented.

Righteous Dawn is one of the oldest and most prolific guilds on Azgalor. We were created in February 2005 and have successfully raided every high end raiding instance from Onyxia and Molten Core all the way through Sunwell. In these various instances, RD holds many server first boss kills. We also have many members who have been successful on the PvP scene, both in the Battleground days as well as in the Arena.

Raiding is RD's main focus, but we do also PvP and accept PvP applications. If you're looking for a place to hang out, I'm not saying you shouldn't apply, however we typically do not invite people for casual purposes unless they have connections on the inside.

Now that you know the very basics about us, we want to know about you. This is the first as most critical step for anyone that has ever joined RD. You can find our application format in another stickied thread. Make sure you compose your application exactly as the format instructs you to. Below, I will post some common errors and tips to help you avoid having your application set on fire and thrown away.

-Your ability to follow directions is pertinent. If someone can't follow simple instructions concerning an application, there's no way I'd want you in a raid with me where the environment is considerably more difficult. Make sure you read all of the instructions carefully.

-The quality of your application is also extremely important. Because of the high volume of applications we receive, we have little tolerance for an application that has been composed very poorly. While we're not the grammar police, your spelling, sentence structure, ability to speak in an intellectual way, and overall attention to detail will give us a lot of information about you. An application with one line answers, random shit thrown around, half ass or incomplete responses, terrible spelling, non-existent sentence structure, or anything else of that nature will be ignored and eventually fade away into the depths of our recruitment forum. An application that has thorough answers, responses that have been thought out, and acceptable grammar shows effort and these are the applications we will take a closer look at. A well composed application is your first ticket to getting a foot in the door.

-Above I mentioned incomplete responses are bad. In the application, I do not ask anything that is not answerable, so you should answer everything as thoroughly as possible. If you respond that you do not have a picture of your UI, your application will be denied. It's not that damn hard to push print screen and host the screenshot somewhere on the internet.

-Also concerning the quality of your application is your subject. There is a very simple outline of how you should title your application post. If your post is titled "70 Priest" or just your name, or anything like that, you'll be denied. You'll also be kicked in the teeth if post your application as a response to the application thread.

-You must have thick skin if you wish to join RD. Many times you will be interrogated and drilled on your application that is very public. If you cannot handle that, you will never be able to take the scrutiny that our raiders endure.

After having read this, you can continue to one of the two application threads found on our recruitment forums.