Nightshado 70 priest

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Nightshado 70 priest

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1. Give us your character name, level and class. Nightshado, 70 priest

2. Post the link to your gear / spec on the WoW Armory. ... Nightshado, im an idiot with creating links, so dunno if it will work lol, sorry
3. Tell us a little about your talent build(s). Why do you spec what you do, when you do? 21/40/0 HOLY FTW! ive always liked healing more than shadow dps, and went holy soon as i hit 70

4. Are you attuned to Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple? If not, have you completed any portions of the preceding quests (Vashj or Kael kills)?
Not attuned to those, done 1 boss in SSC the lurker below, and never done The eye
5. List your past guild(s) and reason why you left the guild(s).
RIP, good guild but only did kara and i wanted to do more than that, and Bad on purpose, Gave up way to easily on raids and i dont like that
6. What raiding experience post-BC do you have? Pre-BC?
Don't really remember lol, but ive done MC, and ZG
7. Give us a little information about yourself. This can be anything including (but not limited to) age, likes/dislikes, previous / current games played, computer spec, STD(s), how you got said STD(s), etc.
Im 14, play this game to have fun and hang with friends and mess around
8. Of our four raid days, which can you make and which can you not make? For the ones you can make (if any), what is your available time frame? For the ones you can't make (if any), tell us why.
I can make any raid days during summer, and during school year i can always make weekends, but not weekdays all the time
9. Why do you want to join RD?
Looks like a fun guild that i can progress in
10. Find a picture of an animal and post it, then tell us why you chose this animal or picture. The more clever, the better.
Once again im an idiot when it comes to do this stuff lol, but would put a picture of a dog up cause there my favorite animal and i have 4 of them, there your best friends who are wlays by my side

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