Padmos (lvl 70 Resto Shammy) semi hardcore to hardcore lol

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Padmos (lvl 70 Resto Shammy) semi hardcore to hardcore lol

Unread post by Padmos » Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:42 pm

1. Hi My character name is Padmos I am a lvl 70 Resto Shammy

2. ... r&n=Padmos

3. I leveled using Enhance then switched to Resto Cause I like to help keep the group going I love it so far & of course need to work on getting better gear as you can probably see, lol

4. No I am not attuned for any of those raids, I just finished getting attunment for Kara & tempest keep but would love to get attuned for them

5. My current guild is Honor bound but it is falling apart rather quickly & am looking for a good solid place to call home

6. Have been playing WoW now for about 7 months & have no pre BC exp

7. Well then My name is Joe I am 42 year old man / boy at heart & really enjoy playing after I get home from work witch is around 4:30 pm PST, I live in Sunny San Diego & originally from San Francisco Area / Pacifica.

8. Well probably none of them until I get attuned for them but I am up of the Kara, tempest keep & lower ones. sounds like you guys are way above those just hoping their is room for someone in my lvl range.

9. I have heard a lot of good things in chat about your guild & have seen some of you around in game & seem like good ppl & a solid guild that I can grow in & learn from

10. I added this because other than WoW I love fishing
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