Inuchan - 70 Doomkin - Semi Casual

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Inuchan - 70 Doomkin - Semi Casual

Unread post by Inuchan » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:37 am

1. Give us your character name, level and class.
Inuchan 70 Druid

2. Post the link to your gear / spec on the WoW Armory.
BOOMKIN - STILL ... &n=Inuchan

3. Tell us a little about your talent build(s). Why do you spec what you do, when you do?
I have 17pts in resto for threat reduction and mana regen, and the other 44 pts in balance all raiding spec.
Im fully epiced for feral but i dont want to raid the spec, its just what i do for heroics and kara everyonce and a while
i can play resto but i dont want to raid it either

4. List any relevant keys / attunements you have? If you don't have any, have you completed any sections of the attunement quest-lines?
key'ed for all heroics, kara

5. List your past guild(s) and reason why you left the guild(s).
Departed Soulz - disbanded
Social Butterflies - kicked becuz the dont believe in offspecs

6. What raiding experience post-BC do you have? Pre-BC?
mc, zg, bwl, aq 20, aq 40, world dragons/ za, kara, ssc gruulz, mag, doomwalker, lord kazzak

7. Give us a little information about yourself. This can be anything including (but not limited to) age, likes/dislikes, previous / current games played, computer spec, STD(s), how you got said STD(s), etc.
Im 19yrs old, im going to college for Animation and Game Design

8. Of our four raid days, which can you make and which can you not make? For the ones you can make (if any), what is your available time frame? For the ones you can't make (if any), tell us why.
I cant make Mondays, but anyother day should be fine, i get off work about 4 and get on about 5pm server then play till about 2am server

9. Why do you want to join RD?
Looking for a great guild, I've wanted to join for awhile now, looking for a guild that will take a balance druid to a raid as long as i can preform.
I know several ppl in the guild as well and would feel at home while in it.

10. Find a picture of an animal and post it, then tell us why you chose this animal or picture. The more clever, the better.
Oooh this sounds fun for the 2nd time around,
"How many licks till the center of the tootsie pop, mr. owl?"

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Re: Inuchan - 70 Doomkin - Semi Casual

Unread post by Relina » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:52 pm

I may not play anymore but I would love to voice my opinions here.

Take Inuchan under these conditions.

1-His ego is worse than Misko.
2-He lies a TON
3-He complains more than Misko. [He honestly does complain A LOT, Inuchan anyways]
4-He's an all around shit-head.
5-He use to tell people he was Hurt [LOL]
6-He says he is 19, but even my maturity level is way beyond his. Or I guess Blumps is a good example. =]

Not a good kid at all, I guarantee you will rip your dicks off before the end of the night if you actually take him to a raid with as much as he talks and brags. Not even worth it as a casual. He's even lying in his application of SB kicking him for not believing in off spec's. ... &sid=1#111
A post was made, he wasn't kicked for the fact that he didn't respec as they wanted too, he was kicked for the fact of causing drama on the forums about things that should of been kept inguild.

I've been guilded with Inuchan, and I've dealt with him altogether as both horde and alliance, and the many characters I have played. Neither of which were good experiences with him, and he proceeded to act like an insolent immature little kid about every situation that came his way. I honestly had to have him on ignore on all my characters within the first week of me being back on alliance.


Delete my post, or edit it if needed. Just giving you my fair warning.

Good luck Inuchan / Inukid

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Re: Inuchan - 70 Doomkin - Semi Casual

Unread post by reija » Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:19 pm ... 4&sid=1#44

FYI, we don't have a raiding ret pally.

We also have some long-time boomkins in the guild (one that raids as resto) that would get priority for the spot if it ever (doubt it) opens up.

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Re: Inuchan - 70 Doomkin - Semi Casual

Unread post by Lef » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:37 am

Inuchan wrote:Social Butterflies - kicked becuz the dont believe in offspecs
I don't speak for everyone but I don't believe is Boomkin for raid. Same for Ret paladin.

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Re: Inuchan - 70 Doomkin - Semi Casual

Unread post by Tiandrex » Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:21 pm

0 boomkins. Many of them in line before you (Cottone, Avidoceans, etc.) so I think you may want to look elsewhere.
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